Martha Chousal Director/Spanish teacher.
ONLINE CLASS (location info)
Tue, Thu, 3:15 PM - 4:05 PM
11/17/20 - 01/07/21 (8 weeks)

This is a class that gives the student  the bases for a great start with his/her High school Spanish.  This program focus on the ability to express in the Spanish language starting with lots of vocabulary, short useful phrases,  sentences construction, as well as el acento, definite and indefinite articles, conjugation, common spelling practice in Spanish, pronouns, irregulars verbs and all the basics to be ready for a better placement of Spanish in High school.

Interested in a private class? Form a group  and our teacher will go to your place!

Skipe meeting once or twice a month might be required depending on class syllabus.

Our online Zoom classes last 8-10 weeks depending on the SDUSD school calendar. The cost for Middle School class is $260 per quarter.

Worksheets and some materials are included. 
Workbook ¡Cuéntame más! will be use during this