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What makes our program different and more successful than others?

WVSD program is design according to your child school needs, we adapt our program to fit your child school method, and way of learning. We respect the children learning process  because we want  them to feel comfortable and perform to their best! By doing this the children get engage and more interested in learning a second language.


Why World Voices SD? Do I want my child to be bilingual?


Every child can and should learn a second language.

We believe that learning a second language and become bilingual should be a norm,  and not an exception among our children. WVSD works to teach Spanish to as many kids as possible.

Most experts agree that the earlier a child is introduce and exposed to a second language , the greater the chances are that the child will become truly proficient in the language. A 02/1996 Newsweek article made the claim that "A child taught a second language after the age of 12 or so is unlikely ever to speak like a native" This statement has been proved in extensive research studies.

In addition to developing a life long ability to communicate with more people, children:


  • Are more receptive to language learning between birth and age  twelve.
  • The earlier the language is introduce, the more easily a good level of understanding and fluency is achieved.
  • Bilingual people are more likely to succeed in other areas like grammar, writing, and reading.
  • On average students score higher on ACT and SAT test.

 At WVSD we offer:

Native Speak teachers.

Custom curriculum

Special designed material

Website support

Materials, CD, workbooks, flashcards... 



Bring World Voices SD to your school and your FIRST and SECOND registration is on US!


  •  Preschool
  • Early Elementary K-1st.
  • Elementary 1 2nd - 4th.
  • Middle School 5th-8th.
  • Spanish through Art.
  • Hip Hop/  dance and sing.
  • Private at home lessons.

Our full immersion classes will prepare the children of today's world, to become the Global Citizens of the future! They will not only become bilingual but will get to know other cultures, traditions, and holidays Spanish speaking countries.


  • Tutoring, group or private.
  • Spanish conversation.
  • Reading and writing.

WVSD is a Spanish immersion program taught by professional native speakers, our fun learning method gives children the security and confidence necessary to practice and enjoy Spanish. 

Our after school and in school enrichment program, provides a Spanish education based and adapted to the school program and the children needs. We understand every student is exposed to different learning environment therefore they learn different, this is why we adapt no the content but the way we teach to each one of the groups and classes we open.

This is a global world, Benefit from it! Whether  you want your kids to learn Spanish, or you want to learn with them or get better at Spanish, or your business requires you to speak the language this is the right start, WE GO TO YOUR BUSINESS!

 On our Adult Conversational Spanish Classes we use elements from several methods of foreign language teaching including TPR (Total Physical Response), Storytelling, and Easy Readings. You will Learn Spanish similarly to the way you learned your native language. Naturally!

From preschool to adults, beginners to advance we have a class for you! All our teachers are native Spanish speakers. And now introducing Get Fit and Speak Spanish! with our Health Coach Tania Fux! Call for information or email info@worldvoicessd.com 

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